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damn im just too cool

are you as cool as me?

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the MOD~ cheys_rebellion

1. well this is a cool person rating site so i dont really care how mean you are...just think about how your gonna distroy their self confidence....lol
2.post your app within 24 hours of joining
4.u have to post stuff occasionaly like a story about something cool or mabey more pix r something, you cant just get accepted then 4get about this community
5.if your rejected u can try again in a few days, and fix what was wrong w/ ur app
6.yeah i cant think of anymore...just join

The Application:

_basic stuff_
1. Name:
3. Sexual preference:
4. Birthday:
5. Age (Some of us aren't so good at math):
6. Location:
7. Hobbies:
8. Music genre preference:

8. a cool Colour:
9. 5 cool Bands:
10. 5 cool TV shows:
11. 5 cool Movies:
12. 3 cool Books:
13. 3 cool Foods:
14. a cool Word:

_this or that_
15. Cola or Water:
16. Black or Blue:
17. Move or TV:
18. Radio or CD or MP3:
19. Phone or IM:
20: Pen or Pencil

_your opinion on_
21. Sex:
22. Drugs:
23. Rock and Roll:

24.Tell us something interesting:
25. Make us laugh:
26. Why should we accept you:
27. Anything else you want to tell us:

finish the sentence
why the fuck did you ...
omg that pirate just ...
did you hear about al sharpton, he had ...

last but not least~
[picture time]
1 cool clear pic of you to show us how cool you are</b>
another pic of something you like *guitar, friend, flower, sunset ,anything

~~~~and that was the coolness test~~~